HOW TO START A BLOG: Website, Readers, get paid.

October 4, 2017


I am going to tell you how I started my blog but there are of course many other ways to start your own blog + going to give you some useful tips. You can also use some of these tips for other platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. But as you know I am not the best writer but always trying to improve my self. If I can do it you can do it, you don’t need this and that and blahh and all those excuses to start what you want to do.

How to set up a website:

I use WordPress. There are two ways you can use WordPress but I use because it made more sense to me. But there is also and I am going to break it down to you in a very simple way. But if you want better explanation I recommend you to google it.
– If you don’t want to pay for hosting or someone to take care of your own web that that’s for you.
– You can’t upload any custom themes or plugins.
– You can have your own domain name for example I have
– You can upload and install themes and plugins.
– But of course you need to host your website somewhere and it’s more expensive.

Sooo my website is customised by – but you can easily make your own like I have done before. But what I did I went to and looked up themes for wordpress. Themes means how your website is going to look like but you can customise the theme but depends on the theme you buy.

As soon as you upload your theme and you can change it very easily I highly recommend you to go on Youtube and look for everything to set up your website. It takes only few hours to set up a blog website.

How to get readers:

When I started my blog I already had I platform so I got people to read my blog very fast. But if you do not have any platform I highly recommend you to these few things but as I said there are of course so many ways:
– Pin your blogs on Pinterest and you can join Pinterest group board on Facebook to get featured on huge boards with many followers on. (Just get a Pinterest account, upload a image and the link to your blog OR you can install Pinterest plug in to your blog so everyone can pin your blog)
– Start a Instagram account and post things that you love and you think inspires people. Recommend you to use #, location and tag famous people.
– Start Facebook like page so you can start to advertise your blog post through there and you can advertise your blog on Instagram through there. You can have give aways and ask your friends to tag their friends so the give away spreads around faster.
– Make sure you look well on Google and write your blog post so google can notice you: What I mean is that if you write a blog about muffins how are you going to be number on when people google muffins? I like to watch Youtube videos about these things so I can pop up on google.
– Try to get noticed by bigger brands: You can buy something from the and blog about it and send them the blog and hopefully they will feature you.
– Try to get interviewed and try fit your blog in the interview
– Blog about what is trending like this: October: halloween looks, fall looks, December: Christmas decorations…and if some influencer does a trendy beauty look for example try to to their look and tag them.
– Blog everyday or every other day.
– Give your readers value

Everyone can start a blog but you need to have passion for what you are doing because it might be a long run to get readers but might be short but it’s a loooong run to keep your blog updated.

How to get paid

If you are the person that are only starting a blog to get paid…I get you but it’s not the right path for you because you need so much more to get readers or paid. You need to get readers before you get paid and you don’t get readers by advertising a lot. So you need to balance. But I am of course going to tell you how you could get paid.

– Contact bands yourself and tell them a little about you. If you are just starting you can ask them for a help and get products instead of a review. You can also ask them to give you product so you can have a give away. You can also start buying from them and do a review and then from that ask for collaboration.
– Sign up to marketing system where you could get jobs: You can check these guys out: Eylenda.comLinqia – or just google influencer marketing and you will find many systems where you can sign up and might get lucky and get a job from them. Then you are taking par in campaigns.
– You can use affiliate links on your blog for example if you do wish list from Missguided and you link to all the products and when someone clicks on the links and buys something from the link you get commission. You can check that out at

If I can do it: YOU CAN DO IT!

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