January 3, 2017

Morocco ITINERARYOMG ONLY 3 days until I leave to Morocco with my boyfriend!

I just had to share with you my itinerary for our Morocco trip! Me and my boyfriend are going to Morocco in only 3 days and we will stay for 12 days. I almost didn’t plan anything because I got it as a surprise Christmas present from my boyfriend. But it is our second time going to Morocco, we loved our first time so much … So why not go back?

We will arrive in the evening on the 7th. of January and stay our first nights at the Art Place Hotel & Ryad Marrakech. We will most likely just stay in that night and relax and go early to sleep because we got AMAZING things planned for our first day. We are going for a super romantic hammam & massage at the Hertage spa on our first morning! We did that last time and loved it so much that we are going back for it as soon as we get to Marrakech haha! We will then stay at the same hotel for the next 3 night and relax, sunbath, enjoy walking in the Souks and just explore this beautiful city.

After staying at this beautiful hotel for 4 days we will move into an INCREDIBLY beautiful riad haha …. It was my biggest wish to go there because one of my favourite bloggers stayed there. The name of the riad is Riad Yasmine and we will stay there for two nights ….and YEBS I will be taking a lot of photos for you so don’t worry!

We have planned our first 6 days of our trip to be super cosy and relaxing as after that we will go on a exciting tour all around the South of Morocco. We will have a local expert that will drive and show us privately around for 4 full days. We will sleep in traditional Moroccan riads, camp in the Sahara desert, quad bike in the dunes, sand board, enjoy the sunset in the desert and see so many things on our way ….I CAN’T wait to do all this and show you photos and videos from our trip! We booked our 4 day tour with So Morocco and so far I highly recommend to check them out! They have been awesome and so helpful in customising this trip for exactly what we wanted to do.

We will spend the last three days in fun relaxing Hotel a little bit outside of Marrakech … I even feel sad writing ‘our last days’ haha. The name of that hotel is: Eden Andalou Aquapark & SPA and it will be all inclusive, how nice is that?! …. And with it’s own waterpark, WOW!

Of course we will do so many more things and activities, and I look forward to sharing all of them with you later!


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