January 20, 2017

Morocco Tanja Yr

Just thinking about the adventures me and Egill did in Morocco makes me want to pack my bags and take the next flight to Morocco haha. But here are few highlights from our trip to Morocco that I absolutely loved:

Tanja YR MOrocco Sunset IMG_3331
This is just something I have never seen before….we went on a atv on the highest sand dune of Merziuga desert and watched the beautiful sunset. I can’t describe the feeling…it was amazing!

Hertage Spa

We went to a romantic hammam at Hertage spa, and that is definitely the most wierdest, funnest and amazing experience I have ever had. As I mentioned we went for an ‘romantic hammam’ and that means me and Egill were together in the hammam and in the massage room…thank god haha. They started cleaning, soaping, scrubbing and ended up applying mask allover our body. Then last but not least we had an amazing one hour massage. I highly recommend this spa and this hammam (I have tried another hammam at some spa in Morocco and that was a terrible experience….so just look into Trip Advisor before trying some hammam).


WOW! This was a crazy experience, driving through the sand dunes of Merzouga  on a buggy with one guide was so magical. I felt like I were alone in the world for a moment.


This was something I have never seen before with my own eyes…we went for a visit to a Nomad family. Nomad means that people live in a tents where they can get water and grow food nearby…when the water is finished they move to next place with water. This made me even more thankful about life. I didn’t take any photos to show you but it will hopefully be in my vlog.


IMG_3283Me and Egill decided not to sleep in a normal berber camp like last year and we chose luxury camp instead and we will never regret that. We had electric carpet that kept us really warm in the night, warm shower and delicious food. In the night we watched the stars and listened to a Berber music. We booked the desert camp and our whole desert trip with So Morocco and I did really LOVED their service and the tour was amazing.


Riad yasmine
Riad Yasmine Tanja Yr

IMG_5432Riad Yasmine was the perfect accommodation I have ever had. We stayed there for two nights and it was my favourite riad/hotel that I have been to in Morocco. I would have wanted to stay there the entire holiday. The pool, the rooftop terrance and the breakfast was perfect!

La Salama

La salama Morocco Tanja Yr

La salama Morocco Tanja Yr

La salama Morocco Tanja YrThis is my favourite restaurant in Marrakech. It’s a little bit more expensive then normal restaurants but so worth it…and only one that serves alcohol that we tried! My favourite course there is a vegetarian cous cous it’s delicious.

La mamounia spa

We went for a spa at Hotel La Mamounia and I felt like a princess, we even had the spa for our selfs. It costs around 5.000isk to go to the spa and you can also go to the hot tub and outside pool. It was just a magical place, LOVED IT!

Jamaa El-Fna


This is the main square with a lot of souks and is one of my favourite place in Marrakech. It’s just something about being there and watching the local people, hearing many sounds and go through the small streets. I loved getting a fresh orange juice and Egill loves to get his beard shaved.

Keramik shop

When me and Egill were walking to the main square from Riad Yasmine I came across amazing artist that makes nice art from Keramik. I decided to ask if he could to my Tanja Yr Cosmetics logo and he said yes…and he made it perfect for me! I wish I could have more time in that shop because I wanted to make so many things for my future home, but hopefully next time!

Aït Benhaddou

IMG_3055 IMG_5438Me and Egill were so lucky when we went to Ait Benhaddou because there was almost no one there. The Berbers were celebrating New Years eve so the local people did have a day off and there were almost no tourists. We went to the nicest place and got some mint tee and had the best view I have ever seen. It was just something so different….and as you may know by now I am not a good story teller about places….I see places with different view then remembering only the stories.

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