October 2, 2017

So first I want to say HELLO again…I haven’t been feeling doing a blog post in all the kaos I have been working on lately. But I love writing blogs and show you what I am doing or thinking or dreaming like right now. Yesterday was AMAZING me and Egill went to see a apartment I saw on the internet for sale and I fell for the photos. We walked into this apartment and I fell more in love…and since then I have been thinking about how it will look like with all our stuff and style so I thought I wanted to share few photos with you off my kind a style for apartment. I know I am dreaming of many of the photos but well…you can get a round what I like :).


I love beige, white, grey, carpet, big furniture….everything very cosy and “old” but in a new way, I call it royal.





bedrooom 999


bedroooom 11

bedrooooom 4366



Dining room

…it’s my second favourite room because who docent love to eat? – I just love a place where I can fit everyone: family and friends for dinner. I LOVE a huge crystal chandelier.

dinignggg dining dining000 dining33 dining900 dining020202 decor  decor5

Living room

I usually love big comfy sofa with many pillows but I also love classic style sofa where it’s not that comfortable to sit in if you know what I mean.

living living00 living2 living4 living9 living99 living212112

decor6 decor7 decor9 decor1

Yasss that’s my dream apartment decor and I will keep on dreaming!

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