January 22, 2017

This question was really popular on my Snapchat while I was in Morocco, and I can understand that as people always want to find the cheapest and easiest way to a Holiday. I want to go through with you what I have been using to book my trips to holidays…but that docent mean it’s the best way. Me and Egill did not travel very cheap now in Morocco because we liked to stay at some nice riads and hotels but still the websites I will show you will find the cheapest option for you.

Why we chose January this year and February last year is very simple, it’s not a tourists season and the flights were cheaper. But still this trip now in January was a little bit colder then last year when we went in february. They say the best time to go to Morocco to enjoy the sunny weather is to go in spring og X time.

When it comes to booking flight we almost only use Dohop, it shows us the cheapest flights to get there. Usually we take flight with Wow air to London and then from London to Marrakech we fly with easy jet.

Me and Egill slept in many riads and hotels and I loved it! I loved exploring more then one accommodation. My favourite was staying at a riad…it’s just something about it! We book all of our accommodation on, I always check the hotels/riads rates and what people are saying. I recommend you to book a accomodation with a breakfast included it’s saves you time and is very comfortable.

They use Moroccan Dirham!
Food is from 40-150 dirham, 100 dirham is about 1000ISK.
Market: When you are going to shop something at the souk the store owner will tell double higher price then you can buy them one…even sometimes higher so you need to bargain.
Food stores: The prices there are just like in spain!

The biggest question of them all, how much did our trip cost overall?
Let’s start with the flights. We took a flight from Iceland to London and then London to Morocco. For two persons back and forth with two bags it was 90.000isk. You can get the flights a lot cheaper but Egill booked the trip few weeks before so the flight were a little expensiver.

About the accommodation… we did not sleep at the cheapest hotels or riads. As I mentioned before we slept at fancy places with breakfast included, so per night was around 10.000ISK witch is not that much compared to 5 stars hotels with breakfast haha. So we slept 4 nights at a hotel, next to at a riad and next 4 I am not going to count it with because then it was a booked trip with So Morocco and it was a roadtrip and and our last three nights we slept at a five star hotel with all included.
– 4+2+3 nights costed 90.000isk for two people.
– The 4 day trip with So Morocco was around 60.000isk for each person…but included in that price was a lot more then just the accommodation. It was breakfast and dinner, luxury camp, private driver and etc.

So the flights, accommodation and our road trip was around 300.000isk for two people for 12 days. Then we had to pay the food cost and some extra things we did like spa and shopping. I would say I spent maybe 3.000isk on food everyday witch is 36.000 for 12 days.

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